Kung Fu Cellist – extra/ordinary

June 13, 2023
Melbourne Recital Centre
Primrose Potter Salon
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‘Kung fu doesn’t mean fighting skills, kung fu means a skilled person; so you can find kung fu wherever you look – as long as you know how to look.’ Master Darryl Moy, Chief Instructor of Tse Qigong Centre

A musical journey that wanders away from the beaten path.

Chinese-born artist Yelian He (aka the Kung Fu Cellist) knows firsthand the type of focus and discipline that’s required to endure the rigours of both kung fu training and cello. To master either artform takes more than physical prowess; it takes one’s entire character and being.

Together with saxophonist Joseph Lallo, their performance in Primrose Potter Salon explores the art of finding a skill that you love and forging your own path in practice. Joseph Lallo is an acclaimed performer, conductor, and visionary curator of the classical music concert experience, the perfect musical companion for Yelian to join forces with.

About the concert

This uncommon pairing of instruments will explore the theme behind one of the central works in the programme. Swedish composer, bassist and cellist Svante Henryson’s Suite Off Pist explore challenges faced when wandering away from the beaten path and having to carve your own path in the snow.

Praise for Yelian He

‘Yelian He plays On a Day Like This and Black Run with all the passion, energy and technical mastery that I as a composer could wish for. It is a joy to hear his versions.’ Svante Henryson

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